Life & Thought Diary

    The Couple Tag (Blog Edition)

    Happy love month! How was your valentine’s day? I hope you all had a great one with your loved ones. I, myself, had a splendid heart’s day with Mackie as we spent quality time together at our house amidst all the couples dating outside. We didn’t go out to a fancy lunch/dinner date, but he visited me at home. He surprised me with flowers, brought me my food cravings and we watched a movie together. What a perfect crowd-free valentine’s…

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  • Travel Diary

    Glimpse of Iloilo City

    11:59 am  4 Feb 2019 I was browsing through my gallery and realized that I didn’t blog most of my out-of-town trips including my Iloilo travel. I don’t want to completely bury these photos,…

  • Confessions

    My Self-love and Self-care Journey

    “i wish i’d done this earlier.” this is the thought that ran through my mind when i began the journey of self-care and self-love. self-care and self-love are two different things. self-care…

  • Places

    Cebu 2017 | Part 1

    Hello, lovelies! I’m back to share our trip to Cebu happened a long long time ago, just kidding, it was just in June 2017. Yes, I know, my blog has been a compilation…