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5 Things I love about my College Friends

A shout out to our friend who lifts us up when we are down, to our friend who, after a tough day, still manages to make us smile. Shout out to our friend who patiently listens to us vent and rant like a big whiner. Shout to our brutally honest friend who never sugarcoats things and tell us outright painful realities. Shout to our friend who sticks with us despite how annoying and stubborn we are sometimes. Shout to our friend who makes our lives better, who’s part of who we are today. 

My friendship with my college friends just turned 7 years, and I’d like to share some things I love about them and some photos from our most recent trip in Sunflower Maze in Pangasinan. 

Here are some things I love about my college friends:


1. They are the friendliest people I’ve ever known. On our freshman year, I remember when I first entered our classroom I was so surprised how the heck everybody became so close quickly on our first day of school. I saw happy faces and friendly souls on that day. Well,  of course, we won’t miss those quiet and shy ones in the class that includes me who eventually became friends with them. I remember spending lunch and free time with them outside of the campus like one big family, like seriously, imagine a happy class together. They love making friends, they have tons of friends, and I’m glad to have met different people through them.


2. They are my best buddies. There’s an enormous difference between us: my personality type was of quite another sort and that things we enjoy were different, yet I become best buddies with people who have different personalities. I couldn’t believe that we are sharing lives together for seven years now. We have dinner and movie dates. We travel together. We do life together.


3. They are my long-term friends. I do not have high hopes for friendship to last after you separated ways, I know that along the way they will meet new people and eventually as time goes by they will forget you. Therefore, I’ve never thought that our friendship will last after graduation. I thought new people, work, directions were going to break us, just like the previous friendships I had in the past.  But there are people God placed in your life meant to stay for a long time, and I thank God that they are one of those. 


4. They are one call away.  It’s an incredible idea to have a Messenger group chat with your close college friends to maintain the connection. There are moments when I’m stressed over work or have some personal issue going on in my life I’m grateful to know that I can easily reach them out if I need someone. 



5. They know my flaws and choose to love me anyway. They know how many cups of rice I’m capable of eating when I’m hungry. They’ve seen me get angry and mad. They know how dark my past. They see my worst and darkest side that they’ve decided to look past and love and stick with me anyway. 



*  *  *  * *

What do you love about your friends? 


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