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an open letter to my boyfriend on his birthday

To my perfectly imperfect man,

Happy happy birthday! 

I can’t thank God enough for your life. 

I am so happy and blessed to have you by my side.

I didn’t expect you when God placed you in my life. And I will never know I’m ready until God gave me such an amazing man like you. 

You always amaze me with your passion and determination. You always put your best to everything you do, and that truly inspires me. 

The way you pursue me and your purpose despite how many times I made you feel rejected is unbelievable. 

I’m blessed to have someone who pursues me in everyday moments and treats me like a real princess.

You always spend quality time with me even on your busiest days. You always listen to me and make me feel that my feelings and opinions matter to you.

We complement each other despite our exact opposite personalities. We shared dreams and goals. We shared our laughter with silliness. You speak and connect to my soul like no other, indeed, I received the best friend I’ve been praying for.

You spoil me with your attention, love, effort, and consistency. Truly, you deserve nothing but a woman who despite your flaws and imperfections, appreciates who you are and every single thing you do — a woman who respects you, listens to you, understands you, supports you, takes care of you and shouts to the whole world her love for you.

I may not be the prettiest girl on earth, so far from being perfect but I promise to be that woman for you.

Thank you for sharing me your past, your weaknesses, your failures, and struggles. Thank you for being honest and transparent. It’s incredible to witness how True Love has changed you to become who you are today, and I couldn’t be more grateful to see how far you can go in this life.

Thank you for sharing me bible stories and revelations. Thank you for showing my parents and friends how much you love me. Thank you for being my partner, my best friend, and my personal comedian.

Thank you for everything. I’m happy and blessed to have a man who loves me, respects me, and worships my Father.

My greatest wish for you is a healthy long life because I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

May we continue to grow in our relationship with Christ, and build our lives around him as He humbles our hearts that we cannot make it apart from Him. May we love him more every day more than we love each other. 

I declare breakthroughs and God’s incredible blessings over your life. I declare that God’s dream for your life will come to pass and it will not be stopped by people, circumstances, or anything in this world. 

All I want for your birthday is to make you feel extra special and loved. So, when I heard “Sobrang saya ko” and saw your eyes filled with tears of joy, with a smile on my face, I said to myself “Wow, mission accomplished.”

You deserved all the surprises and gifts you received on your birthday. Always remember how blessed and loved you are beyond measure. 

Cheers to many more years of birthday celebrations and adventures together. 

I love you so much, mahal ko!

xx, Joni

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