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an open letter to my boyfriend on his birthday

To my perfectly imperfect man, Happy happy birthday!  I can’t thank God enough for your life.  I am so happy and blessed to have you by my side. I didn’t expect you when God placed you in my life. And I will never know I’m ready until God gave me such an amazing man like you.  You always amaze me with your passion and determination. You always put your best to everything you do, and that truly inspires me.  The…

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My Self-love and Self-care Journey

“i wish i’d done this earlier.” this is the thought that ran through my mind when i began the journey of self-care and self-love. self-care and self-love are two different things. self-care is actions you undertake to cultivate and nourish yourself — physically, mentally, and emotionally. on the other hand, self-love is genuinely loving and embracing yourself for who and what you are. our lips may declare that we care and love ourselves, but i believe that self-love is truly demonstrated on how…

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Life & Thought Diary


Last first week of August after I posted my previous blog about my recent anxiety attack, I decided to leave social media in two weeks. I temporarily left social media by deleting all social media apps on my phone; Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and even my Messenger app that I use all the time to communicate with my friends and co-workers. I also turned off my phone data and wifi connection so that I won’t be tempted to google ideas that…

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Confessions Life & Thought Diary

A Life Update: My Anxiety Attacks

It’s been a while. It’s sad for me to update my blog exposing this weak and embarrassing side of me, but hey, it feels good to exhale. Before I begin, I’d like you to know that this blog post is quite personal for me to share. This post is mostly for my own peace of mind and relief, but if you are going through the same hardship, then I guess this is for you, too. P.S. This blog is going…

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Life & Thought Diary Travel Diary

5 Things I love about my College Friends

A shout out to our friend who lifts us up when we are down, to our friend who, after a tough day, still manages to make us smile. Shout out to our friend who patiently listens to us vent and rant like a big whiner. Shout to our brutally honest friend who never sugarcoats things and tell us outright painful realities. Shout to our friend who sticks with us despite how annoying and stubborn we are sometimes. Shout to our friend who…

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