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My Saturday Routine

Saturday is next to Sunday as my favorite day, so I would love to share how I spend it and consider it as my favorite day.

  • I usually wake up between 2:00 to 3:00 am, it’s been my routine for a year, only since then I’ve realized how wonderful to be a morning person. Before I get out of my bed, I spend at least five-minute prayer of praising God, appreciating things around me and thanking him for another day he gave us.
  • Eat a late dinner/breakfast. My stomach normally starts to rumble this hour, so I would go downstairs to eat. My physical body needs strength after 8-10 hours of fasting.
  • Worship, Prayer, and Devotion. This is my favorite time. I start in singing and worshiping God; I usually play Kari Jobe’s, Hillsong’s, and Planetshakers’ music in my worship time. No eyes’ watching, no ears’ listening, it’s me, and Jesus alone. I can cry out, shout God’s greatness, breakdown, speak in tongues and be myself in front of God alone. Second is prayer, this is the time I lift up my faith goals to God and be like a small child to his Father. Third is devotion, read the bible and let the Holy Spirit reveals God’s message for me. I also sometimes listen to a podcast or watch Pastor Todd White on YouTube and get revelation through him.
  • Check social media sites and Body exercise. After my quiet time with God, I’ll begin to feel that my body needs to stretch.  I don’t go to the gym, I just exercise at home usually after I checked my social media accounts. I do some of these exercises or workouts – squat, bent-over row, push ups with my knees, lunges, chest press, triceps dips, and crunches with leg extension. I got this workout plan from Joanna Soh when I’m so desperate to gain weight. I got this workout plan from Joanna Soh when I’m so desperate to gain weight. After the time of exercise, I’ll eat again lol.
  • Read. Write and Blog. I’m currently reading the book of Matthew Jacoby “Deeper Places”. I write whatever comes into my mind and blog some of it.
  • Do household chores. I wash dishes, fold newly washed clothes while listening worship songs, etc. P.S I’m not good with household chores.
  • Time of small talk and lunch with my family. Share with Mama and Papa what happened throughout the week at my workplace.
  • Catch up with my friends. I always appoint my Saturday to catch up with my friends, attend events/conferences etc. It’s also my free time to go to the mall, watch a movie or eat at my favorite restaurant/fast food.
    I’ll be at home so tired and weak, so I sleep as early as 7 or 8 pm.

P.S. The photo above is my first attempt in calligraphy. 

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

How about you, what is your Saturday routine? 🙂

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