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Thanks, 2016! Happy, 2017!

Hello, I hope you have had a great holiday with your loved ones and that your 2016 ended with beautiful memories to look back on. 2016 ends quickly, but I hope there were happy memories created, relationships restored, and hearts healed as we bid goodbye to 2016, and welcomed 2017 with love and high hopes.

2016 — although filled with disappointments, heartaches, regrets, and anxieties and ended not in a way I prayed and anticipated before — has been a great year for me. 2016 also consisted of unforgettable memories of me taking my baby steps out of my comfort zone. I met different people along the way who showed appreciation and love that I’ve never received before. I visited different places and found my heart to travel more. I took the promotion that I was anxious about. I discovered and learned more about friendships, people’s different personalities, and perspectives. For years, I isolated myself, built walls around me and embraced solitude, but 2016 pushed me out of this sanctuary, broke the walls, and introduced me to a different kind of world.

However, different world equals to a huge challenge. I got lost along the way, I lost the purpose of my walk that if I’m going to look the road behind me, it was littered with lost time, forgotten solitude and devotion, discarded priorities, missed opportunities and abandoned plans. It hurts and disappointing to think of it sometimes. Many nights were spent crying and wondering where my life is heading. I see myself changing and transforming into a strange person, but God has always been there for me to remind me who really am I and what my purpose is.

The path of life is so tough, but you will indeed learn something from it. I can’t thank God enough for giving us many chances and choices as we make our lives right after we stumbled and fell.

With 2017 finally here, I cannot wait to receive all the blessings that God has stored for me, can’t wait for new laughter, fun memories, more opportunities, people to meet and things to learn.

Happy new year, my friends! Thank you for being part of my 2016.


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