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The Sunday Currently | Vol. 1

Finally, one successful attempt at jumping on the blogging bandwagon, lol. The Sunday Currently is a link-up made by Siddathornton where you basically provide a glimpse into your Sunday life. I kept seeing it and been wanting to join, but I’m terrible at keeping up with a series, so I was skipping it over.

I know I’m behind, but starting this Sunday, I would like to take part in this link up. I’ve realized that updating your blog through posting “The Sunday Currently” is a piece of cake …so, why not? Plus, it helps to show up your blog alive.


I’m currently re-reading the book The Lover’s Dictionary of David Levithan. In 2014, I left this book unfinished nevertheless, I would like to finish it now that I have the actual book. I’m also reading some Christian books like The Heartache No One Sees by Sheila Walsh and Princess Warriors by Robin Kirby-Gatto. I killed time reading one of them at a time.


So, I’m obviously writing this blog entry.


I’m currently listening to my September playlist on Spotify. My favorite song this month is Trust in you by Lauren Daigle.


I’ve been thinking about my 13-year-old friend whom I used to talk to when she was still little. She’s growing up so fast, I felt her need to speak with a big sister, so I asked her out to catch up.


This part of the list is weird, lol. But I currently love the scent of Hugo boss perfume stuck on my skin.


I wish I’ve never entered into the situation where I am. I wish I listened to God when He showed the red flag and beckoned me to stop and follow Him. Sigh!


To overcome my anxiety and finish my IELTS review to getting my student permit.


A pink crop top and a white ripped high-waisted denim short.


My hair color? I guess. lol


I want to travel ALONE and isolate myself from the world for a while, but it is a pie in the sky. *insert sad face*


Sleep. Sleep. I need enough sleep.


I don’t know. I feel neutral.


* * * * * *

Have a blessed Sunday!


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